Expectations that brands will be part of culture have become much higher thanks to COVID-19; research from Havas indicates the onus is on marketers to actively provide meaningful content and the means through which consumers can interact with the brand.

Money is being wasted

  • 90% of consumers expect brands to provide all forms of content – including the likes of rewards, promotions and educational material.

  • 58% say money is not well spent and that brands are not providing content that is meaningful to their customers.
  • A content framework devised by Havas enables brands to get strategic about the “cultural territories” to become involved in. 

Key quote

“You can play within that framework, so that 58% of not-meaningful content can go down over the coming years and you can use budgets in content marketing in a more effective and efficient way,” says Maria Garrido, chief insights officer of Havas Group. 

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Sourced from WARC