Johnson & Johnson, the global FMCG company, has reinvented its marketing to focus on customer-centricity, community and content, according to a senior executive at the company.

“The big change was really when we had to move from corporate-centricity to consumer-centricity,” said Richa Goswami, Chief Total Brand Experience Officer at Johnson & Johnson, speaking at the Forrester CX conference in Singapore recently.

The move was a major change in mindset for the company, she explained. “Trying to get under the skin of the consumer and understand why she or he does what they do, why they love your brand… you really have to change the way you work as a company and go back and think of the ‘why’.”

Goswami singled out three key things – culture, community, and content – that the company has had to change. (For more on J&J’s marketing re-think, click here. )

“Without the right culture, without the right mind-set, you might as well not bother,” she said. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast, operational excellence for lunch and everything else in the middle.”

The organisation has also been experimenting with shaking up traditional structures in favour of ‘squads’ for some of the “small start-up brands” in the J&J portfolio; four briefs for some of its brands – including Neutrogena – were released to start-ups to invite fresh perspectives.

“It was a very simple vision that we had: we wanted to create amazing, immersive experiences for our consumers,” she said, adding that the focus areas for start-up involvement were mapped to the customer journey, and included data-led content and agile content development, influencer marketing, social commerce and others.

“Part of having to reinvent ourselves was having to let the outside in. Whether the outside-in was consumers, whether they are mums, whether they are influencers, whether they are start-ups, we had to get externally focused to win,” Goswami said.

Sourced from WARC