Indonesia-based ride-hailing app Gojek has launched a new brand logo and identity, as it seeks to expand its ‘Super App’ offering across Southeast Asia.

The ‘Super App’ concept – many apps within an umbrella app – was first made popular by Tencent’s WeChat and has influenced the development direction of many of the region’s largest apps, most notably Gojek and Grab.

Announcing the new look, Kevin Aluwi, co-founder of Gojek Group, said the move “represents the evolution of Gojek from a transport company in Jakarta to a leading tech company in Southeast Asia.

“Gojek is now many things to many people – and our new logo reflects that. Even so, we remain committed to our founding principle and ethos of improving people’s lives with technology.”

The new logomark – dubbed Solv – takes the form of a simple ring encircling a dot that the company hopes will be interpreted in a multitude of ways be that a map pin, bullseye, a power button or a top-down view of a motorcyclist.

In a blog post outlining the new brand aesthetic, the company noted that the re-brand reflected how its business has expanded since its start as a ride-hailing service. In Indonesia, it offers more than 20 services, including e-payment, house cleaning, and laundry services.

Gojek plans to expand its suite of offerings to more markets in the region, having launched its Go-Food service in Vietnam and Thailand, where it also operates ride-hailing services, with plans to launch in Singapore. It also plans to launch its ride-hailing services in Malaysia, home market of its biggest regional competitor – Grab.

These developments follow recent investments its on-going Series F round, aimed at supporting the acceleration of Gojek’s payment services across Southeast Asia. The company claims that its GoPay ecosystem currently processes US$6.3bn of annualised Gross Transaction Value.

New investor Siam Commercial Bank will partner with Gojek’s local affiliate, GET, to enable seamless payment experiences and create a more vibrant ecosystem in Thailand. Visa, another Series F investor, will collaborate on innovative payment solutions for digital-first consumers and Southeast Asia’s unbanked and underserved population.

It had previously secured additional investment from Mitsubishi, which the automotive giant said will enable it to tap into Gojek’s expertise and presence in the mobility and consumer services market in the region.

Rival Grab is also betting heavily in the payments space, announcing in June an additional US$300m investment from asset manager Invesco Ltd as part of plans to raise US$6.5bn in total capital this year.

Sourced from Gojek, The Drum, Business Times Singapore, Reuters; additional content by WARC staff