Consumers in India have the highest requirement for personalised service in the world, with 82% of them expecting tailored experiences, a new survey has revealed.

That is according to tech giant Adobe, whose Experience Index 2019 polled 1,000 Indian adults as part of a broader global survey of consumer experience expectations.

It found that seamless and personalised experiences are key to keeping consumers happy and that respect for customers is also an essential component of brand interaction.

One headline finding for India is that two out of three consumers in the country prefer human interaction over dealing with computers or other machines.

Yet the great majority (79%) are happy to have automated experiences, rising to 84% of Indians aged 25 to 34, provided they are done well.

“In the past few years, India has seen competition across brand categories intensify, with businesses giving their consumers more choices than ever before. Therefore, Indians having the highest expectations in the world when it comes to personalised customer experience does not comes as a surprise,” said Sunder Madakshira, head of marketing at Adobe India, in comments reported by CRN India.

“I believe we are at a crossroad, where managing customer experiences has become business critical,” he added. “In order to succeed in this experience age, businesses need to be aware of what their consumers want and aim towards delivering personalised, seamless experiences in real-time.”

Drilling down into some of the detail, Adobe revealed that older Indian consumers, aged 50 to 65, are more likely to agree that brands already know and respect them (60 out of 100 on the Adobe index, compared to an average of 53).

This age group is also more likely to agree that brands make technology transparent (55 out of 100) and “delight them at every turn” (54 out of 100).

Importantly, younger consumers aged 35+ show little forgiveness about poor customer experience, with around a third of this age group saying they would stop buying from a brand altogether if they had a bad experience.

The top three issues in this respect are hidden fees after purchase (50), no cancellation for travel packages (49) and different return policies for marketplace sellers (45).

Overall, one in four consumers will abandon their cart if they have had to undergo “challenging” user experience and customer care.

Sourced from Adobe, CRN India; additional content by WARC staff