Live events suffered during 2020, but ‘hybrid’ (digital/physical) events can offer a way forward, allowing a modular approach that can accommodate pandemic restrictions as they vary across the world.


  • Digital events began as a way of adapting to the current situation but they are now opening up greater scope for innovation and optimism in how brands can build and share their experiences. 
  • A hybrid world offers new levels of style, reach and storytelling that can be adapted to changing circumstances.

  • At their best, virtual experiences allow attendance by people who would not normally be able to; brands can break out of the confines of restricted access.

Key quote

“This is a new paradigm and it will become the gold standard where virtual and physical experiences will live in parallel and emerging new technology ignites more creativity” – Christophe Castagnera, Head of Connected Experiences, Imagination.

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Sourced from WARC