In the race for best practice, digital experiences have become bland and few Australian brands have been successful in creating a truly unique digital experience - marketers need to act now to avoid what will be a big brand challenge for a future heavily defined by how the brand is digitally delivered.

Why it matters

Brand and agency partners have an over-reliance on technology platforms. Many brands use the same tech partners to house their digital content. Yet these platforms have a habit of showing the same playbooks and case studies to the same partners. From these case studies, advertisers learn the same criteria for success. Creating an industry-wide sea of sameness.


  • Advertisers need to ensure there is no delineation in experience between product, service, online or offline – it is a business challenge, not just a marketing one.
  • Digital experiences are often executed from a rational standpoint to reduce friction, be fast and straightforward, but often aren't worth remembering. So, there is an upside to friction when used for the right reasons.
  • True value creation is achieved when experience is disruptive, and customer informed.

The Big Idea

Most leaders want to be responsible for memorable experiences. Few, as discussed, are demonstrating them. To shift from bland to memorable, experience needs to be considered as a driver of growth through value creation not incrementalism.

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Sourced from WARC