PwC, the consulting group, is taking numerous steps to enhance its performance when it comes to diversity and inclusion, and marketing has a key role in both driving and celebrating this change.

Matthew Lieberman, chief marketing officer for the USA and Mexico at PwC, discussed this subject at the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) 2020 Masters of B2B Conference.

“Diversity and inclusivity drive better results,” he said. (For more, read WARC’s in-depth report: PwC provides model for identifying – and correcting – internal D&I weaknesses.)

“The marketplace is diverse. If you can’t reach it effectively – if you don’t understand it, if you can’t reflect it – you’re not going to be successful.”

A critical question that immediately follows on from that assertion is, “As marketers, how do we really achieve diversity and inclusion in our own teams?” said Lieberman.

One element of PwC’s company-wide strategy that can assist in answering this question is to be transparent. “We shared our diversity-and-inclusion numbers publicly,” Lieberman said of PwC’s approach.

“That was a big step for us, especially given we’re a private company. But we recognized it was the right thing to do and, more importantly, we wanted to use it as a way to promote change … [and] to really inspire [ourselves] to speak on issues where we can make a difference.”

More broadly, PwC has launched a range of initiatives to help new Black and Latinx employees build connections, ensuring that diverse communities receive the experiences they need to advance, and is using data to measure its progress.

And Lieberman suggested that PwC’s objectives include both “doing our best for inclusion opportunities for everyone, not only in our company, but in communities at large.

“As a purpose-led and values-driven organization, we need to use our talent, organization, and resources to be a voice for change.”

Marketers have unique capabilities in this regard, too. “It starts with culture and the marketers. Your internal and external communications can help drive this,” he added.

“They have to actually demonstrate inclusive leadership behaviors, celebrate the work that’s done, celebrate diverse leaders, and make sure the tone is coming from the top.

“As marketers and leaders in our firm, that’s really what’s important for us: to share that story from the top to help close that gap.”

Sourced from WARC