Innovation, digital transformation and experimentation offer differentiation opportunities to healthcare brands competing in a highly-regulated category, according to Stephen Moy, CEO of creative agency Barbarian.

In order to differentiate through innovation experimentation, there are key steps healthcare brands need to take:

1. Live and breathe ‘humancentricity’

In order to break out of the tropes traditionally associated with healthcare marketing, take inspiration from the Hippocratic theory which posits that a doctor should have a holistic view of their patients. Marketers are better positioned to convert consumers when they can create a product and service ecosystem with a full profile of their target audience’s lifestyle, habits, and preferences.

2. Meet consumers where they are

Having the full picture of the lifestyle and habits of your consumer helps you reach them at the most effective times and platforms. The typical consumer’s healthcare experience is incredibly fragmented—from various doctors, pharmacies and health insurance, to wearables, fitness apps and social media. Simplification can mean innovation.

3. Prioritize utility

Experimentation doesn’t always need to mean a new product. Consider services that can help consumers better use your products and support them to become the healthiest version of themselves. Think about how your brand can help simplify that ecosystem and provide true utility. 

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Sourced from WARC