SYDNEY: It’s time to update the idea of what marketing to a family might mean in the modern age – and more than ever, family is a state of being rather than a fixed template, according to two agency experts in the area of marketing to families.

“Being part of a family is about enjoying shared experiences and benefitting emotionally from those moments spent together. It's about being present. While today's family may be almost unrecognisable from the traditional, the value of family time is stronger than ever.

“It is precisely these differences that are why every brand can benefit from a family marketing strategy,” said Tina Cardinale, General Manager of creative agency Creata at the Mumbrella360 conference in Sydney recently. (For more insights, read WARC’s in-depth report: How to create a family marketing strategy)

“The definition of family today is the nurturing unit that can be made up of all sorts of combinations. As marketers, it's key we design our interactions with families to promote moments of quality time, rather than intrusion or isolation,” she said.

According to research carried out by Creata, 93% of households in Australia felt that experiences and happy memories are the most important things for family, far surpassing desires around property, goods, services, or even financial security. The second-fastest-growing household composition is single-person households, and overall families are becoming smaller and changing the way they're defined.

“Many of those individuals are starting to define family as part of multi-family, multi-generational family, single-person households, extended families, or families of companionship,” said Christopher Dimmock, Global Chief Strategy Officer for Creata.

“The essence of a family today is about sharing choices, about sharing decisions, sharing experiences, and the emotional benefits of togetherness,” he added.

Sourced from WARC