Leonardo da Vinci would have made a great CMO, according to the chief marketing officer at Kraft Heinz Australia, because he was “equally good on logic and magic”.

Shalabh Atray told the recent Mumbrella360 conference in Sydney that the renaissance painter and inventor can be an inspiration for marketers in today’s world.

And he cited his own experience in the development of an unlikely three-minute long piece of work for Heinz Beanz. (For more, read WARC’s report: How Heinz combines logic and magic to grow its brands.)

“We wanted to land the fact that there is a can size for every or Aussie depending on the type of family that they have,” he explained, so the logic part of the puzzle was simple.

“But how do we create an aura around it? How do we have a story that people are interested in talking about, and how do we integrate the magic behind Heinz Beanz?”

The answer from Y&R New Zealand was a charming long-form animation telling the story of Geoff whose work at Heinz was shaped by the changing nature of his family and home life.

“When the agency pitched us, our original plan was just to do a standard 30 seconds and they said there was no way we were going to be able to tell the story in that amount of time,” Atray recalled.

“I have to give credit to the agency for really pushing me hard saying, ‘You’re going to make a big mistake if you’re not going to give us 180 seconds’,” he added.

“All the science defies the logic of doing 180 seconds. But on the other hand, we all love watching movies, right? If it has a great story and if I can feel it, then you’ve got to take some risks.”

And that has paid off; the work speaks to a genuine customer need but the way the story is told has a sense of magic to it that clearly resonates with people. On YouTube alone, the video has had more than 35 million views to date.

Da Vinci would have made “a great CMO in his time,” Atray said. “We need a lot of Leonardo da Vincis.”

Sourced from WARC