The Advertising Standards Authority has attacked fashion retailer French Connection’s latest poster campaign for being “irresponsible” and bringing the ad industry into disrepute.

The offending posters, which used the strapline ‘fcukinkybugger’, generated 132 complaints. Explaining its verdict, the ASA announced that, although the words ‘kinky’ and ‘bugger’ might not be offensive on their own, the combination of the terms could prove too much for some consumers.

The watchdog also declared it would vet the retailer’s future posters, ordering French Connection to consult the Committee of Advertising Practice Copy Advice before drawing up ads.

The retailer has gained considerable mileage from the risqué ‘fcuk’ campaigns. Since it started exploiting the similarity between its initials and the f-word in 1997, French Connection’s sales have jumped from £6.4 million to £19m.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)