Awareness about voice assistant devices is fast growing in India but its usage, is still limited to basic tasks, according to a new report by Isobar India.

The agency conducted a survey in partnership with InShorts, as part of its Voice Playbook, which explores how voice technology will shape the future of human interactions and how it can be integrated into businesses today.

Shamsuddin Jasani, Group MD, Isobar South Asia, described voice and voice marketing as a potential “game-changer”.

“Voice is the next big thing and will continue to grow as voice devices proliferate, 5G becomes accessible and the demand for improved user experience increases,” he said.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Close to half the number of respondents (49%) engage with Google Assistants on their Android devices the most. Usage of Google Home and Google Mini come second (24%), followed by Amazon Alexa (17%) and then in the end, Siri on iPhone (10%).
  • Respondents love using their voice assistants for entertainment (35%), be it listening to music or taking a fun quiz. The next most common genre amongst respondents was News and weather forecasts (30%).
  • More than half the respondents (52%) were most comfortable using voice search on voice-assistant devices, followed by voice searches on search engines (30%). Only a very tiny percentage of people do voice searches on third-party apps (9%).
  • Out of all the voice searches done, the most common one is for information gathering (63%) – this can range from looking up a recipe to searching for songs or checking out movie reviews. Next comes searches on Weather Forecast (30%). Interestingly, using voice for looking up a location is done the least (7%).
  • Respondents don’t interact quite often with their voice-assistant devices. Only 27% of them use voice assistants five times a week, while 41% use them only once a week.

Jasani added that voice enables an intimate and conversational relationship between brands and people.

“Whatever you make must enhance your brand and customer experience in a real and purposeful way,” he said.

Sourced from Isobar India