CANNES: A combination of creativity, disruption and great advertising can grow brand value at far faster rates than any of these factors can do in isolation, according to a new analysis by Kantar Millward Brown.

The research company looked at BrandZ’s 3.6m consumer interviews comparing perceptions of 122,000 brands in 51 markets over the last 12 years in order to assess what role consumer perceptions of creativity, disruption and great advertising play in building brand value.

It found that while any one of these will help grow brand value, there are much better returns from using them together.

So, for example, brands that consumers perceive as creative but not disruptive have grown their brand value by an average of 69% over the period; brands seen as disruptive – seen to be ‘shaking things up’ – but not creative have grown even more, boosting brand value by 123%.

But those brands that have put creativity and disruption together generated an average brand value growth of 154%.

By far the best performers, however, were those brands that were seen to have combined creativity and disruption with great advertising: average brand values rose by 265%.

And conversely, brands in the bottom third for perceptions of both disruption and creativity saw an average decline in brand value of 14%.

“Having disruptive creativity at the heart of a business is about more than product and R&D, and being creative is not just about communications,” said Doreen Wang, Global Head of BrandZ at Kantar Millward Brown.

“What matters most is the consumer’s perception of your offering. If you are disruptively creative but it isn’t felt by the consumer then that effort is worthless. But if they feel it, and it is supported by great advertising then you can supercharge your brand’s growth.”

It’s an evolving process, she added: creative disruption has to “be applied every day across the entire company and needs to be experienced by the consumer across all touchpoints.

“Shaking things up means never being satisfied with today.”

Sourced from BrandZ; additional content by WARC staff