Data privacy is set to be one of the Drivers of Change in 2019, the focus of this month’s Admap; others include smart cities, digital youth, health and wellness and the evolution of banking.

Chad Wollen, CMO, Smartpipe Solutions, highlights several reasons why data privacy will be ever-present in marketer thinking in the year ahead, including various court cases involving activist Max Schrems and his argument that tech giants like Facebook breached privacy laws when they transferred his personal data from Europe to the US, and the possibility of new European legislation on data transfers to the US. The advocacy and regulatory community is also pushing for data laws to be minimum standards rather than the ultimate goal.

Brexit, meanwhile, brings a degree of risk in data protection and a Brexit ‘data no deal’ must be avoided at all costs, says Wollen, as the legitimate flow of data between the UK and Europe is critical.

Elsewhere, the growing use of artificial intelligence raises new questions where data protection and ethics converge. And data portability may be a significant opportunity for data assets managers to look after consumers’ data with fourth-party businesses emerging by the end of the year.

“Brands will realise compliance-box ticking just doesn’t hit the spot,” Wollen advises – they will need “a kind of social licence to operate”.

And while there may be short-term opportunities for marketers in playing the data protection card, that is hard to sustain in the long term.

“What is really important is trust” – but the trust brands build around their core business doesn’t necessarily transfer across to their handling of data.

“In a game of privacy chess, brands must learn not just to make the straightforward moves of the rook they are already equipped for, but to be a knight and also take a side step into a new area of data trust,” says Wollen.

Not only will the customer information relationship become part of marketers’ portfolio of responsibilities, marketers have the opportunity to think differently, introducing new brand and campaign metrics aligned with the brand’s own privacy expectations. (Click here for a video Q&A where Chad Wollen addresses this issue.)

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Sourced from Admap