SINGAPORE: Using data effectively is crucial to B2B marketing, offering precision targeting, better customer experience and personalisation at scale, according to experts in the area.

Rather than viewing marketing as specifically B2B or B2C, Bernard Tan, APAC regional marketing director at tech firm Red Hat, prefers to see it as “business-to-all”.

“(Data) is transforming the way that we talk to whole markets… it’s transforming the way that we can actually have one-to-one conversations in volume markets, and be much more efficient about the way we go to that market… We are not blasting the same message to a million people and hoping that shtick sticks on the wall. It’s hyper-efficient,” Tan said at a General Assembly event in Singapore recently.

“All of us are consumers… We are now at this position where we are now able to start to drive engagement at an individual level and really focus on the customer,” he added. (For more, including the use of AI-powered analytics, read WARC’s in-depth report: Three ways data is key to B2B marketing.)

But APAC marketers are lagging behind other regions when it comes to data-driven customer experience in the B2B space. In IBM’s 2017 Customer Experience Index study, APAC scored lower on the CEI index at 31, compared to North America (35), Europe (33) and Latin America (33).

“Unfortunately in APAC, we are lagging behind in terms of meeting consumer expectations of how we are using their data and delivering great customer experience,” said Jodie Sangster, CMO liaison lead of IBM Watson.

“There is a high expectation, whether it is B2B or B2C, that data is going to be used to deliver a personalised experience… Consumers, all of us, believe that brands, companies, need to put more effort into making those experiences more personalised,” she added.

Sourced from WARC