While 80% of Super Bowl ad slots have been reported sold, concerns about the possible impact of COVID-19 mean potential buyers of the remaining 20% are reluctant to commit themselves at this stage.

What’s the issue? 

  • If players become infected the February 7 game date could be moved, which would disrupt brands’ associated sales and marketing plans. 
  • Social distancing means a low-key stadium audience, fewer viewing parties and a reduced level of excitement around the game.

  • Hitting the right tone after a year of pandemic and divisive politics may prove challenging; a Morning Consult survey suggests brands that thank health workers and encourage the wearing of masks will be seen more favorably.


CBS is reported to be charging around $5.5 million for a 30-second slot but discounts may be available for brands prepared to wait to the last minute. 

Sourced from Sports Business Daily, Morning Consult, CNBC