NEW YORK: Coca-Cola, the soft drinks giant, is seeking to engage millennials who like settling in at home with their favourite content via a shopper marketing campaign with a “Play. Pause. Refresh.” tagline.

Dana Barba, area vice president/shopper marketing at The Coca-Cola Co., discussed this subject at the P2P Summit, an event held by the Path to Purchase Institute.

“Our core idea was that there’s something about having your beverage and snack at your side, or in your lap, when you are ready to devour a full season’s worth of television, or view your favourite weekly program,” she said. (For more, read WARC’s in-depth report: Coca-Cola tempts content-hungry millennials with “Play. Pause. Refresh.”)

This strategy is aimed at tapping into the one in five beverage occasions that come as consumers enjoy at-home media – with millennials representing a particularly enthusiastic cohort where this pastime is concerned.

For “Play. Pause. Refresh.”, Coca-Cola effectively “took the idea of traditional snacking and elevated it,” Barba said, creating “snack packs” – namely, beverage and snack pairings tailored to the millennial palate.

It also fleshed out content for six thematic TV viewing occasions: comedy/drama, girls night, sports night, date night, family night and premiere night.

Thanks to the carefully-curated content for each at-home TV occasion, subsequent programmatic messaging could deliver tips, ideas and offers to individual consumers that were tied to the type and timing of these occasions.

“With the personalised focus on the occasions, we are able to impact shopper engagement,” Barba explained to the P2P Summit delegates.

This omnichannel campaign – which included in-store activations and digital tactics ranging from a campaign microsite to social media and mobile executions – saw heavier “waves” during content occasions like season premieres and finales.

“Overall, we had a high level of engagement because there was some place for consumers to fully engage and collect the content,” Barba said, referring to the campaign’s microsite.

“We were able to leverage this across varying platforms [used by] customers and also bring in snack partnerships that made the most sense for those areas.”

As the campaign evolves, the goal is to leverage a wider slate of popular habits among millennials. “We will tap into other activities – whether it’s gaming, entertainment, email – as we progress,” Barba said.

Sourced from WARC