KUALA LUMPUR: Brands using chatbots should focus on utility: qualifying leads, always-on customer service, and personalized offerings based on customer data, according to an expert.

“To scale your business, you need both a messaging strategy and an AI strategy to keep up with the growing volume of incoming enquiries on all these messaging platforms,” said Kester Poh, the co-founder and CEO of AiChat, at the ASEAN CMO Experience event in Kuala Lumpur recently. (For more insights, read WARC's in-depth report: 10 ways to tap AI chatbots in Asia)

Not only can bots manage the wave of customer questions coming in from popular messaging platforms such as Facebook – a crucial customer service channel for many brands in Asia – but a smart bot can also deliver personalized options based on previous usage patterns and customer data. Bots can also qualify leads in an intuitive and conversational manner, before routing the garnered information to relevant sales representatives and automating appointments.

“You can broadcast very personalised messages to your consumers,” Poh said, citing Singapore lifestyle destination Marina Bay Sands’ initiative to target customers interested in food via personalized chat messages, which were based a quiz consumers took to ‘discover their travel personality’.

“Bots are actually good at it, because they understand all your historical chatlog, and we can connect this to CRM to understand the customer better,” Poh said.

This personalisation can include addressing users by name, understanding them based on their public information, or delivering customised blog feeds with new blog articles or announcements.

“Because they are coming in from Facebook, we can understand who this person is from Facebook,” Poh explained.

“From some of their public information, we are already able to capture that and allow them to subscribe to topics and articles they are interested in.”

Sourced from WARC