You learn more from mistakes than from successes - James Watt, CEO of the outspoken drinks brand, BrewDog, shares ten of his biggest in a LinkedIn post.

The piece, which has blown up on the network, really does cover a lot of ground: from the pitfalls of senior management decisions to the importance of refrigeration. You can read it here.

But it also contains a handful of marketing specific lessons:

  • A creative parody is tough to pull off, especially about sensitive topics.
  • Culture really matters: a swooping installation of “all star” management saw all seven leave within the year.
  • Creatively awarded, hyper-minimalist design (see the Lone Wolf elastic band label) can still be a commercial disaster.
  • Acquisitions must go both ways: it’s easy to rip the soul out of a brand.
  • If you’re moving beer across the world, keep it cold.

Sourced from LinkedIn