COVID-19 has altered perceptions of risk and exposed the limitations of existing systems to manage new risks; absent an institutional solution, Quantum Indonesia observes the emergence of a ‘counterculture’ that aims to bring a sense of security during the pandemic. 

Three levels of counterculture 

Writing for WARC, the insights agency outlines how this counterculture, “devised at an individual and/or collective level”, can be seen at three levels:

  • faith and religion;
  • science; 
  • new everyday rituals.

“Each of these ‘levels’ reveals the logic with which individuals make sense of the new risks and lasting impact associated with COVID-19,” the authors explain, while also indicating the potential direction of a new normal as individuals and systems adapt with new habits, mindsets and norms.


Brands need to monitor these new rituals and behaviours in order to adapt products and services and remain relevant in the changed lives of consumers.

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Sourced from WARC