CHICAGO: Bose, the audio equipment brand, has driven concrete benefits thanks to its long-term sponsorship program with the National Football League (NFL).

Pat LaCroix, head/global media and sponsorships at Bose, discussed this subject during a session at IEG’s 2018 Sponsorship Conference.

Bose, he explained, is currently the “official sound” of the NFL, having entered into the “second generation” of its partnership with the sports league last year.

And this represented “a big point of maturation in the company’s growth, showing that we could partner in arguably the biggest stage and media and sport, and do it in a way that would prove to be successful for us as a business,” said LaCroix. (For more, read WARC’s report: Bose listens to its marketing future and finds audience engagement in sports sponsorship.)

The upgrade came with the encouragement of past performance, a proof point that served as meaningful evidence about the rewards from its NFL tie-up.

“Every year, we take a full 360-degree, integrated approach as to how do we maximize the NFL investment ... to make sure we’re doing everything we can through experiential PR, advertising and retail,” LeCroix said.

“Everything we can,” he revealed, encompasses “serious measurement, data mining, discussion, and insight analysis. The NFL, obviously, is the big gorilla in the [sponsorship] playground.”

Measurement, in fact, is paramount for Bose – and is very much in-keeping with scientific roots. “We take a full-frontal view of primary and secondary metrics to really understand what is happening for the business,” said LaCroix.

“Being a company rooted in, and founded by, engineers, we make a real commitment to measurement, no matter how big or small the spend is.”

With the NFL, “We have seen unequivocally that [our partnership] has had a positive benefit”. Specifically, favorable perception of the Bose brand was 50% higher among people who are aware of the association.

Bose’s status as “the official home audio speaker of the NFL”, secured in 2011, gave the brand an elite commercial identity that was a match for the quality of its product, as coaches barked out orders through Bose noise-canceling aviation headsets.

“We have deals now with all 32 teams, and we also do quite a bit with [NFL] custom products,” added LaCroix, to ensure its activity is “paying back to both the short- and long-term objectives of the brand.”

Sourced from WARC