Content marketing, the means of reaching audiences and engaging with them, is perhaps as important now during a global pandemic than ever before, yet a new survey suggests business-to-business (B2B) marketers have some important challenges to overcome.

According to FINITE, a body representing the global B2B technology marketing community, more than a third (35%) of B2B marketers report that producing enough content is their biggest challenge in 2020.

Around a quarter (26%) say their biggest challenge is finding the right audience, while 16% say it is about measuring return on interest (ROI).

Although 68% of B2B marketers are confident in their approach to content marketing, only 43% have defined key performance indicators (KPIs), 18% have rarely, or never, defined content marketing KPIs, while just 8% say they are always able to attribute ROI to their content.

These are some of the key findings from a survey of FINITE’s global membership base of over 600 B2B technology marketers that was conducted in partnership with digital marketing agency 93x.

With just 8% of respondents able to always attribute ROI to their content plan, the report said that “a well-rounded content plan doesn’t mean much to the C-suite if you can’t measure its financial success.

“ROI attribution is certainly of great concern among B2B marketers as it provides quantifiable proof that a content strategy is increasing revenue for their organisation.”

The report also found that 70% of marketers believe search engine optimisation is important to their marketing strategy – a relatively low proportion that surprised James Rowland, digital performance director at Refinitiv, a financial data supplier.

“It’s surprising to me that the figure is only 70%,” he said. “Many decision makers are working from home and in this virtual environment they are consuming much more content online. Search engines in many cases are the gateways to this.”

Sourced from FINITE