NEW YORK: Google's long dominance of the digital ad-serving market is facing a strong challenge from AppNexus, which yesterday launched Publisher Suite, a platform offering open dynamic allocation of ads.

Pat McCarthy, svp/corporate marketing at AppNexus, described Google's DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) as "a legacy ad server." The new AppNexus offering, he told The Drum, "is a monetisation engine for publishers".

AppNexus CEO Brian O'Kelley noted that "until now, publishers either had to work with Google, which runs its own media business and biases its own demand pipeline, or patch together a variety of disparate solutions, which is costly and inefficient.

"Publishers finally have the option to work with a powerful monetisation engine that brings ad serving, forecasting and open dynamic allocation under one roof," he declared.

Publishers have using parts of the platform for some time but this is the first time AppNexus has been able to offer a "full-stack solution".

Two of the ad tech company's biggest clients are already using Publisher Suite in Europe, Ad Exchanger reported: Schibsted Media Group, a classifieds publisher, and tech giant Microsoft.

"The early results are yes, you will make more money," said O'Kelley.

He acknowledged that he faced a stiff challenge in getting publishers to step away from their DFP comfort zone. "But I think there are a lot of dissatisfied publishers out there," he said.

O'Kelley also said he expected that the experience of the likes of Schibsted and Microsoft would reassure the doubters in the months ahead.

"You have to be a world-class ad server and have killer features," O'Kelley stated. "That's what we've built. I want to see us win head to head for DFP, and win significant share of the publisher market."

McCarthy also indicated that the ad tech business was in the early stages of talks about how it might develop the service to improve OOH media buys.

Data sourced from AppNexus, Ad Exchanger, The Drum; additional content by Warc staff