SINGAPORE: Although consumers in four key APAC markets have differing expectations when it comes to customer experience (CX), there are ten distinct trends across the region, according to a new study.

Qualtrics, a US-based experience management firm, surveyed 1,100 consumers across Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand for its inaugural Asia-Pacific Region’s Changing Customer Experience Environment report.

The study concluded that, overall, APAC consumers have a wide variety of choice and will simply move on to another organisation if they don’t like the service they receive from their original provider.

Importantly, Qualtrics also claimed brands are witnessing an “experience gap” between the experience they believe they deliver and the one their customers actually receive.

For this reason, the company argued, it’s important brands understand ten top customer experience insights from across the region.

First, customers demand action. According to the findings, three-quarters (75%) of consumers in Singapore and Hong Kong indicate it is very or extremely important for organisations to respond to their feedback – markedly higher than Australia (64%) and New Zealand (52%).

Ignoring feedback is dangerous because, on average, 39% of APAC consumers are unlikely to continue doing business with an organisation that does not respond to them.

Qualtrics also said brands must try to fix problems the first time because just 2% of respondents “feel that first-time resolution is anything less than moderately important”.

Respond today, not tomorrow is the fourth recommendation because nearly half (46%) of all respondents said they expect a response from an organisation within the same working day. This rises to more than two-thirds (68%) of consumers in Hong Kong.

Organisations must prioritise minimising the amount of effort customers exert to have their issues resolved, the report added, and should make sure their customers know they are listening and acting on their feedback.

The seventh insight concerns the online experience, with the finding that more than half (58%) of Asia Pacific customers are open to online-only offerings.

But brands should also ensure they still offer a phone service because 84% of consumers think it is important to have a company contact number on the homepage or within a single click of it.

Security is another issue with the finding that 87% of the respondents believe it is very important to be able to trust organisations with their customer data.

And finally, Qualtrics urged organisations to “welcome new technology” because nearly half (48%) of consumers in the region say they would be satisfied dealing with an organisation staffed by artificial intelligence.

Data sourced from The Tech Revolutionist; additional content by WARC staff