Most brands still don’t have audio guidelines, but the media landscape is changing and soon any audio logo will be better than none, an industry figure has claimed.

“A lot of brands will record a radio or audio commercial without any concern for how it sounds,” according to Matt Dickson, National Head of Creativity for The Studio at Southern Cross Austereo.

“Sure, they’re concerned with the message and what’s in the script, but in terms of just how it comes across, how it instinctively sounds, there are no guidelines in place to create fame, feeling, or fluency,” he told the recent Mumbrella Audioland conference in Sydney.

That’s something they should be thinking about given audio’s relationship with the human brain, he pointed out. “It’s instinctive. We understand audio before we experience our other senses.”

And you can cram a lot into very little he added: “with just two notes you can clear a beach if you play the ‘Jaws’ theme”. (For more, read WARC’s report: Why an audio logo is essential for your brand.)

Marketers can tap into the instinctive nature of audio and people’s instinctive responses to it to create powerful connections,” Dickson argued.

The right audio can make people spend more time in a store, for example, or even make them spend more money – so it pays to think about how the brand is represented in the medium.

“Audio extends its tentacles to so many other platforms,” Dickson added. “If you have a consistent audio brand, in a world where viewership and experience is fragmented, audio will pull those all together.

“With the use of a short, four- or five-second audio logo, those platforms all start to bind together.”

Sourced from WARC