NEW YORK: Americans trust Amazon almost as much as they trust their bank according to a new survey that sees the online retail giant score far higher on this metric than other tech companies.

Tech-focused site The Verge partnered with Reticle Research to survey 1,520 Americans in the first of what it plans to be series of semi-annual studies tracking public attitudes toward the biggest names in tech, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter.

“Amazon is the ruthless corporate juggernaut people love,” it said of the results. “Not only do consumers trust Amazon with sensitive personal details about what they purchase and data about their interests, they trust the brand almost as much as they trust their bank.”

That confidence that Amazon will do the right thing has enabled the brand to launch an innovation that few other brands in the world could consider. Amazon Key is a new service that will allow Amazon couriers to open a purchaser’s front door if it is installed with a compatible smart lock and leave a package safely inside the home.

Amazon was the tech brand most likely to be recommended to friends and family in The Verge’s survey, and was the one whose services consumers would most miss if it were to disappear. It also ranked top when it came to having the most positive impact on society.

The firm’s image has been burnished by its consistent focus on the quality of its product and services and a general lack of privacy controversies.

“When it comes to privacy, one of the biggest factors consumers consider when bringing a voice-controlled, always-on speaker into the home, Amazon beats Google on the sheer fact that its business model does not revolve around selling data to advertisers,” The Verge noted.

Advertising makes up less than 1% of Amazon’s annual revenues, but it has been looking to accelerate its ad revenue growth and brands can select from a number of digital display and video ad units across its mobile and desktop sites, mobile apps, Kindle e-reader and Fire tablet.

Some observers believe Amazon has the potential to become a third major player in the digital advertising market after Google and Facebook.

Sourced from The Verge; additional content by WARC staff