BEIJING: Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, has unveiled several significant enhancements to its Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) Platform as it seeks to reassure brands that its online marketplaces are safe from counterfeiters.

At its Brand Holders Day event in Beijing last week, the company told 180 brand representatives that its upgraded IPP Platform dealt with nearly all (96%) IP-related takedown requests within 24 hours, in just its first month of operating.

The company provided further detail in an accompanying statement, in which it revealed that 83% of these requests resulted in takedowns.

The remaining 17% were declined mainly because of insufficient evidence to prove infringement or a mismatch between the item listing and IP documents filed.

Alibaba, which has faced lawsuits from a series of major Western brands, went on to explain that its improved IPP Platform incorporates new algorithms, data models and streamlined process to reduce response times to complaints and inquiries.

“Brand trust is core to our mission,” said Jessie Zheng, Alibaba’s Chief Platform Governance Officer. “Our enhanced platform, along with significant progress in other important initiatives all showcase the industry best practices Alibaba is creating for the benefit of all our stakeholders.”

In addition to its introduction of more effective technology, Alibaba said a team of intellectual property rights professionals have been put in place to further reduce response time and to deal with more complicated cases.

And a single website for rights holders has been created, enabling brands to register and file takedown requests across all of Alibaba’s marketplaces.

The company was also keen to highlight recent news that it had finally reached agreement with French luxury group Kering, which had filed a lawsuit against Alibaba in the US back in 2015.

The owner of Gucci and Saint Laurent has now established a joint task force with Alibaba to take action against sellers of counterfeit products, both online and offline, Bloomberg reported.

Data sourced from Alibaba, Bloomberg; additional content by WARC staff