WARC Awards for Effectiveness

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The Creative Effectiveness Ladder

A framework for planning effective marketing communications

The Creative Effectiveness Ladder, launched by WARC and LIONS in 2020, is a hierarchy of the six main types of effects that creative marketing produces, from least to most commercially impactful.

It’s a way to identify the very best work and understand how to utilise strategy and creativity to drive specific marketing outcomes.

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James Hurman Answers FAQs about the Creative Effectiveness Ladder

In this series, James Hurman unlocks each of the Ladder’s levels and shows us how to combine creativity with strategies for effectiveness.

The B2B Effectiveness Ladder

A version of the Ladder for B2B campaigns

In 2021, WARC and LIONS worked with the LinkedIn B2B Institute to develop a version of the Ladder that recognises the typical objectives and outcomes of business-to-business campaigns.

This B2B Ladder is now used as a judging framework for the B2B category of the WARC Awards for Effectiveness.

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The insights to the Creative Effectiveness Ladder have been crucial to Agency UK in terms of structuring briefs. For us, as soon as our business gets a new client brief, the ladder helps us understand what effective outcomes we can achieve for our clients. Having a standardised structure to all briefs has allowed us to become more productive when it comes to planning and keeps effectiveness at the forefront of our decision making.

Gemma Phillis
Strategy Director, Agency UK