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The latest retail media network benchmarks, paid share of voice data and market insights.

Retail media benchmarks

Track key benchmarks across advertising spend, costs, conversions, return on ad spend and more across major retail platforms.

Sponsored Brands (Video) reaches its lowest return on ad spend this year

Sponsored Brands (Video) declined from $2.77 in Q4 2021 to $2.60 in Q4 2022, a decline of 6.14%.

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Paid share of voice

Understand and benchmark the performance and level of paid search investment across 18 product categories.

Barbie’s retail media spend surged ahead of movie premiere

Barbie gained 6.4pp of paid share of voice over Q2 2023, far surpassing Temi, Lego and Hot Wheels.

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Market insights

Keep abreast of the retailer media network space with key data on ad spend, shopper insights and growth trends.

E-commerce sellers need to earn consumer trust

93% of consumers trust physical stores, whereas only 77% trust online-only brands.

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