Users are dissatisfied with the Facebook platform, according to the latest research from AudienceProject. In a survey of 13,000 internet users across six European markets and the United States, 23% of Facebook users said they have considered leaving the platform.

Dissatisfaction was highest in the UK, where one-third (34%) of Facebook users said they had considered leaving, and lowest in Denmark, where the same was true for one in ten users.

This dissatisfaction has been driven by concerns around data privacy and the negative impact social media can have on mental health.

Facebook's other platforms perform significantly better, however. Just over one-tenth of users in the UK, US and Sweden have considered leaving Instagram, falling to just 2% for Norway and Denmark. This is even lower for WhatsApp – just 6% of German users have considered leaving, the highest response.

Growth in Facebook active users, across all its properties, in both North America and Europe has flatlined in recent quarters. Instead, the platform is becoming more reliant on these regions to drive ad revenue growth amid declining social sector adspend.