The baby boomer cinema-goer

Blackett Ditchburn
Digital Cinema Media

The clichéd media image of the over-55s is of grey hair and cardigans not Mick Jagger, but research in baby boomers' movie-watching habits shows an engaged and informed group that should not be ignored.

We've recently had a fresh and thorough look at everything we know about the cinema audience, triggered by the arrival of the latest findings from the annual FAME (Film Audience Measurement and Evaluation) survey. Among many other interesting and frequently convention-challenging facts to emerge, the growth in the reach of cinema among the older (55-70) audiences stood out.

Discovery of the renewed enthusiasm for the cinematographer's art by this age group led us to look more closely into how they use cinema. What we found revealed, not a fuddy-duddy bunch hiding from the cold, but a vibrant group of people making active and considered purchasing decisions about cinema. And by extension, this mindset must carry over into other aspects of their consumer lives, providing guidance for marketers interested in getting through to those who increasingly hold the purchasing power.