Drivers of change in 2019

December 2018

Welcome to Admap December 2018

December 2018: Drivers of change in 2019

Lena Roland, Managing Editor of WARC Knowledge, introduces the theme of Admap December 2018: Drivers of change in 2019.

This issue examines five consumer trends that will affect marketing in 2019: Data privacy, smart cites, digital youth, the evolution of banking and, health and wellness. The issue explores both the opportunities and challenges these trends will present for marketers in the year ahead.

There’s a total of 15 contributions from thought leaders from across the globe.

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Drivers of change in 2019

A brief PDF-based guide outlines five key consumer trends and what they’ll mean for marketers in 2019:

  • What each trend is and why it’s important
  • Opportunities and pitfalls for brands

Data privacy

Marketers must get a grip on privacy in 2019

Author Chad Wollen
Company Smartpipe

The Privacy Paradox: location data sharing in the age of always on

Authors Pia Blase and Martin Oxley
Company HERE Technologies and BuzzBack

Opinion: Future consumer trends in 2019: Insights from WGSN

Author Andrea Bell
Company WGSN

Smart cities

An operating system for the modern megacity

Author Reynold D’Silva
Company Go-Jek

Smart cities and out-of-home advertising

Author Steve Payne
Company Kinetic Worldwide

Digital youth

Gen Z: Redefining authority

Authors Susie Hogarth, Bronwen Morgan, Michelle Fan, Anna Wilmot, Matthew Taylor and Tarek Chaudhury
Company Flamingo

Evolution of banking

Key trends driving the banks of the future

Author Tony Hooper
Company iQuanti

Opinion: Smartphone-Only Banks and the Pursuit of App’yness

Author Tom Johnson
Company Trajectory

Webinar: Lessons from Americans’ secret financial lives

Authors Gunny Scarfo and Ben Zeidler
Company Nonfiction

Health and wellness

Five trends for consumer wellness in 2019

Author Laura Hill
Company Welltodo

Author Q&A

Chad Wollen, Smartpipe

Chad Wollen, CMO, Smartpipe

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