Admap's December issue looks at the death of demographics.

A post-demographic age

Previews a series of papers which show how audiences can no longer be relied upon to behave in the way their demographic profile suggests.

The death of demographics

Explains how age and gender stereotypes are being turned on their head and have no place in modern marketing.

Segmentation through strategic insight and tactical actionability

Offers five guidelines to help marry the two competing goals of tactical actionability and strategic insight.

From audience to activation, minimising data leakage

Outlines a range of approaches to create a link between audience identification and activation, using case studies from a US regional bank, DIY chain Wickes and a partnership with Tencent in China.

3 critical steps in defining and reaching an audience through advertising

Explores predictive insights and targeting strategies that will change how planners think of audiences altogether by using a who, what, when and where framework.

Forget Millennials, target Perennials

Details why, in this world of addressable media, brands would be wise to target people by their attitude and behaviours rather than their age.

Segmentation through brain response

Reveals the role neuroscience can play in providing a new segmentation approach based on how personally relevant the brand communication is to the audience.

Use strategic growth frameworks to establish audiences

Provides four fundamentals to think about when using strategic growth frameworks: 'Who' people are, what makes them tick, how they see themselves and where to find this data.

Defining audiences in the fast casual food category

Describes the results of an ad positioning experiment that was carried out and the effect these results could have on a brand's strategy, positioning and advertising.

To build an audience, start with the individual

Explains that, as well as finding a way to reach the right individuals, it is crucial to handle other issues such as fragmentation across devices and the limitations of cookies.

Admap Focus

Best practice in survey design for segmentation

Offers some best practices on how to achieve good survey design and be immunised against survivor bias, as this is key to developing effective and balanced segmentations across global markets and cultures .

Use personalised data at scale to reach an audience

Illustrates how sports drink Gatorade combined a survey with PII data to grow the brand among amateur sportspeople in India.

How to define an audience for advertising strategy and how to reach it

Presents six guidelines to assist in defining the ideal audience for your brand's objectives.

Profile the audience to segment and define it

Examines how insights can be used not only to make a campaign targeted and tailored to the individual, but also to outline where and when to invest media spend for maximum impact.

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