Admap's April issue looks at customer experience marketing.

A guide to customer experience marketing

Introduces a series of papers that offer best practice guidance in how to create a rewarding customer experience.

How to create a rewarding customer experience

Explains how to move the customer experience forward by breaking it down into five parts, as well as explaining the emotions that drive and destroy values.

Measuring CX's impact on profitability

Looks in depth at Experience Quality Measurement, how it rates brand drivers in order of importance and explains its measures of success in terms of ROI.

A process for B2B CX management

Outlines a five-step process for customer experience management, based on the author’s work with clients in the telecoms, technology, and wireless space.

Three steps in measuring the customer experience

Details the three steps to measuring customer experience, what to bear in mind, and what to do with the information once you’ve gathered it.

The truth about the in-flight passenger experience Admap Focus

Reveals the pain points on the air travel CX journey and examines ways in which the airline industry can address these to create great customer experiences.

Match the experience to the customer

Demonstrates that understanding emotions, through in-the-moment research, helps to align customer experience with the articulation of a brand promise.

Improve the online fashion shopping experience

Offers advice on how to become an authentic customer experience leader by aping the behaviours of brands such as Amazon, Apple and Boden.

Three key factors in keeping customers happy

Explores three main areas where brands can raise their game and put their consumers centre stage to achieve deeper customer satisfaction.

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