Admap's May issue looks at data and creativity.

Marry data with creativity to maximum effect

Introduces a series of papers devoted to ways in which marketers can ‘get creative with data’.

Peruse purchase data to optimise ad campaigns

Shows brands how they can get the most out of their ad campaigns by examining actual purchase data, rather than customer demographics.

Creativity fired by data: How to generate more creative uses of data in brand work

Explores ‘data-based creative’ and ‘creative use of data’, and proposes an approach to generate more creative uses of data in brand work.

Admap Focus

How consumer data is shaping creative

Discusses whether it is right to serve ads based on the consumer’s emotional state and looks at how creative can work to make ads feel like a service.

How data is fuelling F1's media appeal

Describes how new owner, US cable TV and media group, Liberty Media aims to reinvigorate F1 with a data-driven experiment.

How to integrate myriad data sources with creative techniques

Details how to link data sets in a creative way to deliver customised advertising experiences.

How to execute data-led creativity in real time at scale

Looks in more detail at the digital B2B buying journey, explaining the role played by gates and some of the arguments for and against.

Anonymous personalisation in B2B marketing

Explains the key factors for any successful data-led creative execution and why data alone cannot drive outcomes.

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