Admap's July/August issue marks the 50th birthday of planning.

Can planning have a future within advertising agencies?

Examines the state of play in planning in today’s marketing world with a series of papers aiming to answer: what is the future role of planning and planners?

Transforming planning for the 21st century

Reviews the disruption to advertising agencies and planners caused by the change in today’s business models and their direct-to-consumer orientation.

The birth of account planning

Two industry veterans recall their time at two of the most influential advertising agencies in shaping the discipline – JWT and BMP.

From troubled waters to a ‘total planning’ future

Details ways in which a true multi-discipline planning team of equals could be assembled and who within the industry could lead the way in adopting this approach.

Brand owners want big ideas, not ad-tweaking

Argues the difficulty of getting the same quality solutions in-house compared to from ad agencies and offers pointers on the role that planning could, and should, play.

Planning needs to move from thinking to doing

Offers examples of five practices that can turn planning into an active and reactive tool, that is in constant use within an agency structure.

Planning’s future seen through the lens of behaviour change and brand experience

Explains how planners should move away from 'brand-down' approaches to developing planning from the perspective of consumers first.

Admap Focus

Planning needs to swim upstream

Argues that the expertise within management consultancies doesn’t lie in brand strategy, the mobilisation of channels or the ability to inspire ground-breaking creativity.

‘Minimum Viable Product’ planning

Explains the concept of Minimum Viable Product planning, the author's own pragmatic approach to strategic planning, based on his experience of working in such environments.

The planner clients really want

Details how changes in clients’ structure and in-house functions have transformed the relationship between client and agency planner.

Planning in the age of digital disruption

Looks at how the industry is experiencing rapid change and explains the ingredients that will lead to success for planners in the new environment.

Planners need a new home for their talents

Outlines seven reasons why planners will remain relevant in the future.

Strategy, the saviour of advertising

Argues that the 'planner of the future', who can navigate the complexity resulting from media fragmentation and Big Data is in more demand than ever.

Transformation strategy for the age of technology

Outlines the importance of brand story and explains why a planning discipline that defines a brand is increasingly valuable.

An independent planning collective model

Suggests that planners need to embrace the idea of smart strategy collectives, which will help their development into experience designers.

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