Admap's September issue looks at capturing attention in the attention deficit economy.

How to capture attention in an attention-deficit world

Outlines a series of papers tackling the issue of capturing attention, including how ads can provoke emotional reactions to cut through the clutter.

How advertising attracts attention

Highlights discoveries in an investigation into how appropriately captured attention and sales are affected by the creative characteristics of ads.

How we can fix the distraction economy

Shows how marketers can retool the system, voting with their feet and budgets, to help create a healthy attention economy.

Admap Focus

Understanding attention

Reveals the findings of in-depth research into understanding the attention levels dedicated to video streaming devices and platforms.

How to measure attention

Argues that there are three steps advertisers need to take to measure attention practically and effectively, using Facebook research analysis.

Brands now compete with life for attention

Demonstrates how marketers can create impactful engagement across touchpoints, using examples from Nike, Lego, Red Bull and De Beers.

Capturing attention on TV

Provides lessons for TV planners and advertisers based on the results of research that examined attention levels to TV programmes.

Does a second brand aid advertising impact?

Explores the assumption that collaborating with a second brand produces cut through and suggests good practice for co-branding in advertising.

Last impressions in video ads are crucial

Reveals the findings of research based on cognitive psychology, which measured the effectiveness of video ads to be encoded and retrieved from memory.

Using influence to capture audience attention

Expands on how to get the most out of working with influencers and advises on how to use the four pillars of reach, relevance, authority and accessibility.

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