Admap's October issue looks at how marketing is embracing new technology.

Marketing embraces AI, AR and VR

Previews a series of articles about how brands are using Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, with tangible business results.

Admap Focus

The virtual and augmented realities of marketing

Looks at the developments in VR and AR since the launch of Oculus Rift in 2012 and examines what each can bring to the marketing mix.

How VR boosts recall and creates brand empathy

Examines research carried out in the US by Samsung and Starcom into the benefits of VR in building emotionally engaging brand experiences.

Augmented retail, a new shopping experience

Describes some of the applications and cases for AR at all stages of the shopper journey, backed by omnichannel purchase journey insights, creating a new concept dubbed Augmented Retail.

Using VR in consumer research

Establishes whether VR is practical within quantitative research and whether it could produce meaningful data using research carried out with mobile operator O2.

What AI means for communications planning

Explains how the gap between consumers and technology is closing ever more rapidly and affecting how we buy.

How chatbots help brands talk to customers

Looks at how chatbots work and why, nowadays, many consumers are more comfortable ‘talking’ to a brand via an online message than phoning its customer service helpline.

Using smartphone data and machine learning to predict snack impulse buying

Describes how machine learning was used to research mood states and digital activity when buying chocolate to build contextual profiles for the purpose of programmatic media buying.

Marketing applications of VR and AR

Reviews three real-world cases that have demonstrated positive business impact and ROI achieved by following clearly defined guidelines when using AR and VR.

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