Marketing Public Services: Admap’s May issue covers diverse topics in the non-profit sector.

Admap Focus

Purposeful public services ads

Examining the importance of partnerships in marketing public services and how mobile behaviour can be used for optimum effect.

Leveraging the power of partnerships in public sector communications

How the long-term effects of public sector marketing can be effectively multiplied through the use of key partnerships with stakeholders.

Ten tips for communicating online health information

Examining the guidelines marketers should follow to ensure that they get it right when disseminating public health information digitally on their device of choice.

How mobile use can change behaviour

How communicators can use the ubiquity of mobiles to reach people in the micro-moment of decision-making, to facilitate behavioural changes.

Countering terrorism with the right social marketing strategy

The City of London Police's policing strategy (Project Servator) is considered as a way of designing a social marketing campaign that uses a partnership approach with the local community.

Four ways to raise awareness of sensitive social issues

How advertisers can communicate difficult topics and shift the narrative directive towards real change, whilst avoiding preaching.

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