Admap's February issue looks at media strategies for multiscreen viewing.

Media strategies for multiscreen viewing

Outlines a series of papers on the challenges and opportunities for marketers in a multiscreen environment.

Best practice in media strategy for multiscreen viewing

Highlights three key learnings for marrying channels in an integrated media strategy, using case studies from 20th Century Fox, Marks & Spencer and Three.

Admap Focus

How to get TV ad response through online media

Offers suggestions on how to align TV with online media to fully harness its effectiveness.

An evaluation of cross-channel media strategies

Identifies three key barriers that marketers must address to execute scaled, person-level cross-channel strategies.

How content, context and screen type influence ad receptivity

Reveals three key learnings, gleaned from neuroscience, that can help inform a new approach to multiscreen media planning.

Accounting for attention deficit in multiscreen viewing

Uncovers results of research into the relationship between users and their phones, carried out via an autoethnography.

How to match multiscreen strategy to the desired brand outcome

Details six component parts to developing a multiscreen approach, using the drinks brand Rubicon Spring as an example of success.

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