Steve Rappaport

Steve Rappaport

Job Title: Knowledge Solutions Director

Company: Advertising Research Foundation

Steve Rappaport creates products and services organizing disparate sources into valuable tools for ARF members, such as ARF PowerSearch, and the industry-at-large like ARF Morning Coffee.

"Foundations of Listening" draws upon Steve's decades of experience in media content analysis, which began as an undergraduate and continued on through his graduate studies at Annenberg (U Penn), where he trained under - and contributed to the research of - the leading content analysis professors of the day.

Steve's business-oriented listening career started in the 1980s as Research Director for The Center for Public Communication, where he lead development of MIDAS (Media Issue Detection and Analysis System), a pioneering solution primarily for reputation management, marketing strategy and corporate positioning whose services were marketed through public relations firms.

With Softlogic Solutions earlier in this decade, Steve organized and built an unstructured data management practice, which designed and executed projects in the financial services, media, and pharmaceutical industries, and which relied heavily on evaluating and using text analysis software. Steve is the lead author of the best-selling "The Online Advertising Playbook" (Wiley 2007).