SYDNEY: Cinema advertising can boost brand consideration by up to 40% when undertaken as part of an integrated audio-visual media strategy according to new research.

Val Morgan, the digital screen advertising business, commissioned a survey of 1,200 people across metro Australia for its Power of Cinema report. It aimed to assess the impact of cinema when considered alongside identical creative running on TV and online video.

When TV only was used, 43% of consumers said they would consider the relevant brand on the next shopping occasion, a figure which rose to 47% when combined with online video.

But adding cinema to the mix lifted the figures sharply, to 62% for cinema and TV and to 66% for all three media of cinema, TV and online video.

Val Morgan said the findings built on previous research which showed cinema delivered six times the engagement of television, not least as viewers were unable to fast forward cinema ads and were less likely to be multitasking on another screen.

"Whilst the power and impact of cinema is a 'universal truth', this is the first research that qualifies the value of cinema in combination with other media as part of an advertisers overall campaign," according to Daniel Hill, Val Morgan managing director.

He argued that cinema should be included as a core component in an advertisers' audio-visual strategy.

Kate Gunby, head of data and analytics at BrandScience, which carried out the research, echoed the "limited learnings on how different channels contribute to the overall impact of media" but said the findings indicated that cinema performed strongly and ought to "make clients and planners take a look at where cinema fits in the mix".

Data sourced from Ad News, Val Morgan; additional content by Warc staff