Eugene Yiga

Don’t you just love those pithy sound bites that make for highly quotable quotes? Here’s one from Tony Effik of Publicis Modem New York: “Privacy, in its traditional form, is dead.” He and several other experts share their thoughts on personalised targeting in the current edition of Admap .
Are some ads too fast for their own good?...
Eli Pariser warns us to beware of online 'filter bubbles'.
Which car ad makes you want to shut up and drive?...
Wadah Khanfar, head of Al Jazeera, shares his view of the historic moment in the Arab world...
Which water ad floats your boat?...
“Right now, conspicuous consumption is out of fashion. The logo-driven excess of the past decade is being looked upon – at least in the Western world – with distaste.
“We live in fractured and distrustful times and if institutions are failing us, company leaders need not do the same.
We spend so much time interacting with brands on a regular basis that it’s no wonder we can equate them to people in our lives.
I love a beautiful sunrise as much as the next guy. But you’ve got to draw the line when that sunrise comes with a price.
“2010 Ticket Prices Slashed”. That was the headline that caught my eye while waiting in line at the grocery store.
It seems like only yesterday. There I was, on Saturday 15 May 2004, stuck in my university dorm and frantically cramming for an afternoon exam.
Life is frantic, the economy sucks, and attention spans are at an all-time low. It’s no wonder companies are increasingly competitive when it comes to staying afloat.
Many are using the rise and fall of Tiger Woods are evidence that celebrity sponsorship is a dangerous game to play.
I just read Mobile Mania from Y&R. Unfortunately, as is the case with most of their publications, this one presented very interesting findings on a very relevant topic in a very gimmicky way.
Alas, poor grammar! Gone are the days you adorned many a beautiful letter and graced many a loving tête-à-tête.
The Economist recently ran a special report on social media. One question still on my mind is what happens now.
" Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect. " - Mark Twain.