WARC Media Awards

Entries are now closed. Shortlists will be announced in November.

WARC's Media Awards recognise comms planning which has made a positive impact on business results.

The competition will examine the insight, strategy and analytics that power effective media investment. The Awards are discipline-neutral and channel-agnostic. We encourage a broad spectrum of entries from media agencies, creative agencies, media owners, digital agencies and data specialists from all over the world. Entry is completely free and you can enter as many times as you like, using the entry form. You do not need to be a WARC subscriber to enter.


There are four categories and each one has its own judging panel and set of Special Awards. As part of the judging process, judges will be asked to nominate entries they think deserve to be considered for the Special Awards. The categories are:

Effective use of tech
Communications that have effectively used or combined emerging platforms or technology in the media mix. How did using a particular tech contribute to the overall business success of a broader campaign?

Effective channel integration
How sophisticated communications architecture helped boost campaign effectiveness.

Effective use of partnerships & sponsorships
How collaborations with third parties, including native advertising and sponsorships, have helped brands meet business goals.

Best use of data
Recognising the role of data in an effective communications strategy.

In today’s world, the integration of media and creative planning has never been more important. Breaking down silos and coming together to deliver great work is what we often see winning in the marketplace.

Charlie Chappell • Head of Global Integrated Media, The Hershey Company, Chair of the judging panel for Effective Channel Integration, WARC Media Awards 2017.