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ICA is the not-for-profit association for Canadian communication agencies, representing 75%+ of all national advertising. Its mission is to champion commercial creativity, amplify the industry’s economic impact, and to embrace and drive change. ICA promotes higher standards and best practices, and serves as the largest source of information, advice and training for the industry.


The CASSIES are Canada's premier advertising awards, the only awards focused on the effect advertising has on driving advertisers' business. They are presented annually by the ICA, together with Association des Agencies de Communication Creative (A2C) and Association des Professionnels de la Communication et du Marketing (APCM).

The mission of the CASSIES (Canadian Advertising Success Stories) is to encourage more world-class advertising in Canada focused on the achievement of business results. It is advertising that proves its role in improving the sales or performance of a product or service.

CASSIES entries are evaluated based on how convincingly a case is presented, whether advertising is isolated as the major contributor to improved performance, how well the objectives were delivered, the quality of analysis and the degree of creativity and innovation in thinking and execution. The CASSIES do not abandon the encouragement of creativity – the staple of other advertising award programs – but the burden is clearly on proof of performance.

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