New Business Guide

Step 2: Prospecting

You want to:

Fill the new business pipeline with qualified leads:

1. Position the agency advantageously with key clients and prospects:

  • Pick your categories to pursue
  • Determine companies within the categories
  • Set prospecting selection criteria
  • Research contact names, and outreach information
  • Manage the contact history in a CRM database

2. Act strategically on how to best grow the agency by finding the best-suited clients

  • Research background on prospect's business
  • Research background on all contacts
  • Learn about the category
  • Read up on relevant consumer insights/and journeys
  • Do a competitive analysis

3. Reduce the need for 'shoot-out' pitches; go into pitches with a strategic advantage

  • Prospect agency relationships
  • Pull together work samples and case studies of recent campaigns
  • Determine best sales materials to send to prospect

How WARC can help

Brand Alerts
Set up alerts to receive new content on the brands you are prospecting or their competitors.

Topic Updates
Set up alerts to receive new content on the site matched to your prospecting interests.

Keep yourself up to date on brand and marketing news; know what leading brands and marketers are reporting on and speaking about.

WARC Search
Do a word search on a prospective brand for the case studies, news, articles and latest reports from industry conferences. Or do a word search around key contacts to see if they have written on WARC or spoken at any industry conferences.

Step 3. RFI & credentials