Background/business challenge

At the heart of NCS lies an inspiring belief: with the right opportunities and support, every young person has the potential to achieve their goals in life.

The four-week programme, which takes place in the summer after GCSEs, is designed to help young people discover what they're capable of, and give them the opportunities they need to achieve it.

The effect that NCS has had on its 300,000 participants is staggering. Research shows that thanks to NCS's 2016 programme, participants were significantly more confident, more skilled, happier, less anxious, and more socially engaged as a result of the experience.

Not bad for £50.

The assignment

The NCS Trust, which organises the programme, had big growth ambitions for NCS's fifth year, but three things stood in their way.


Of the 650,000 Year 11 students in England, only 45% had heard of NCS.