Toolkit 2018

This article is part of Toolkit 2018, WARC's guide to the five major marketing trends for the year ahead.

In an exclusive interview with WARC, Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer for Procter & Gamble, reveals his thoughts on the future of digital advertising, the need for new agency models, and his priorities for 2018

A year ago, you told the digital industry it had to straighten out their act by the end of 2017. How have they done?

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer, Procter & Gamble

We're making very encouraging progress. I'm going to get another update as to where we are because, for example, I just saw that Facebook got TAG [Trustworthy Accountability Group, a performance standard put in place by the Association of National Advertisers, the 4A's (Association of National Advertisers) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau].