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1. The video ecosystem is diversifying

As the number of video properties and formats rises, brand strategies in this space must evolve at similar speed. YouTube's dominance is coming under pressure from Facebook, while services like Vine, Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat all demand bespoke solutions. Greater opportunities for reaching niche audiences also exist on platforms that appeal to specific groups.

Implication: As the video ecosystem becomes more stratified and complex, marketers will need to clarify the 'what', 'where' and 'when' of their output. Only marketers with the biggest budgets will be able to manage video across all the emerging platforms.

2. From hero to housecleaning

Marketers' video efforts have often appeared to be piecemeal, and based on a campaign-by-campaign logic. As consumers watch increasing amounts of content across a diverse range of outlets, brands may benefit from following YouTube's framework of 'hero', 'hub' and 'housecleaning' content – essentially this means striking a balance between 'push' and 'pull' content.

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