The University of Engineering and Technology Admissions 2014: 1200 trees-like purifying billboard

Humberto Polar

Campaign details

Brand owner: The University of Engineering and Technology
Lead agency: MediaConnection BPN and FCB MAYO
Brand: The University of Engineering and Technology
Country: Peru
Industry Educational, universities
Channels used: Earned media, buzz, Outdoor, out-of-home, Public relations
Media budget: Up to $500k

Executive summary

This case study describes how UTEC, the Engineering and Technology University in Peru, created a unique billboard that improved air quality on the construction site of its new campus, to help attract students to its 2014 intake. Lima is undergoing a construction boom and there are construction sites on every block, causing pollution and life-threatening diseases such as cancer, which, according to WHO (World Health Organization), are caused by solid particles in the air, endangering area residents and construction workers alike. UTEC is building its new campus and, as a university that thinks and does things differently, it had to find a solution to the problem. Working with the agency, it developed the first billboard that purifies more air than 1,200 trees – as well as communicating the construction of the new campus, it takes in the dust-filled air, filters it, and emits 100,000m3 of pure air per day for the area within a 5-block radius. Once again, UTEC has demonstrated that through ingenuity in action, it is possible to change the world.

Market background and objectives