Robi: National flag campaign

M. Nafeezul Bari, Toffael Rashid, Laura Amin and Neamul Islam Maleque

Campaign details

Brand owner: Robi Axiata Limited
Lead agency: Lowe Adcomm
Contributing agency: Robi Axiata, Adcomm, Market Access Providers, Mediacom and Maverick Studios
Brand: Robi
Country: Bangladesh
Industry General service providers, Internet service providers, Mobile providers
Channels used: Events and experiential, Internet - microsites, Mobile and apps, Newspapers, Online video, Other and ambient media, Outdoor, out-of-home, Point-of-purchase, in-store, Print - general, unspecified, Public relations, Radio, Social media, Television, Television - direct response, Word of mouth, advocacy
Media budget: $500k - $1 million

Executive summary

This case study describes how major Bangladeshi telecommunications company Robi Axiata found a way to inspire national unity through the creation of the world's largest human flag. 2013 was perhaps the most volatile period in Bangladesh's 41-year history: unresolved issues from the 1971 Independence war with Pakistan dominated the national consciousness and led to religious and political divisions. An opportunity existed to inspire the nation that through unification Bangladesh could achieve great things, and Robi Axiata Ltd had the brand idea to 'ignite the power within', which they believed could help unite the nation if they expressed it powerfully enough, so they launched a new campaign idea 'When people unite, Bangladesh shines'. On 16 December the world's largest human flag was formed, and the occasion was the most-watched TV event in Bangladesh history, every national and regional newspaper had the human flag on its front page and the official photo became the most viewed image in Bangladesh's internet history. People responded with a heartfelt thank you: static SIM sales increased by 48%, 2 of 3 competitor SIM users said they would buy a Robi SIM in the near future, and a n event that cost US$ 1m generated nearly US$ 6m in unpaid media coverage. (Source: Robi Sales Data)

Market background and objectives