Oros: Beat the heat

Anu Sachdev

Campaign details

Brand owner: Multiplex International LLC
Brand: Oros
Country: United Arab Emirates
Industry Luxury and super-premium brands
Channels used: Direct marketing, Magazines - business, trade, Magazines - consumer, Outdoor, out-of-home, Packaging and design, Product placement, Public relations
Media budget: $1 - $3 million

Executive summary

This case study describes how Sterling Perfumes created and marketed Oros, a new premium perfume, to help them compete in UAE's luxury perfume market. We already had a range of mass-market perfumes but, looking at the growing category numbers for premium perfumes, we decided to tap into the ever-expanding segment. The launch of Oros eau de toilette (EDT) with Swarovski elements gave us just the right kind of bling to to stand out on the shelf and be noticed against the other luxury brands in stores. With the right PR and media strategy, we were among the top three brands across outlets in premium locations, breaking the sales records of many other new luxury brand perfume launches.

Market background and objectives