Onglyza: The Hyposimulator

Simon Stebbing

Campaign details

Brand owner: AstraZeneca
Lead agency: Ogilvy DigitalHealth
Brand: Onglyza
Country: Germany, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom
Industry Promotions to the medical profession
Channels used: Direct marketing, Events and experiential, Other and ambient media
Media budget: Up to $500k

Executive summary

This case study describes how Onglyza, a diabetes medication developer, used an immersive simulator experience to enable doctors to experience hypoglycaemic events and market their product to the medical profession. Type 2 diabetes is a worldwide epidemic affecting vast numbers of people, and some of the treatments for this disease can cause patients to suffer hypoglycaemic events, which occur when the patient's blood glucose drops too low and can potentially be fatal. Our challenge was to educate doctors attending a diabetes congress on the impact of hypoglycaemic events on a patient, so that they would consider this when choosing treatment for the patient and potentially prescribe medication that has a lower risk of causing these events. The complexity of recreating the 'event' increased with many stands competing for attention, so we needed a solution that would attract delegates, draw intrigue and interest and, with strict pharmaceutical and client legislation, had to be useful, educational and accurate, not gimmicky. The hypo simulator pushed boundaries with its fully immersive user experience, using a range of sensory tactics to create a high-impact, high-recall piece of work, where the experience incorporated aural, visual and physical elements to highlight the reality of suffering a hypoglycaemic event.

Market background and objectives