Nestlé FITNESS: Tweeting Bra

Marily Argyri, Sophie Dufouleur and Michela Andrenacci

Campaign details

Brand owner: Cereal Partners Worldwide
Agency: Ogilvy One Athens; Zenith Optimedia London; Twitter London
Brand: Nestlé FITNESS
Country: Greece

Executive summary

We care deeply about women's health. That's why we do our best to develop the most nutritious and delicious breakfast to have a great start every day. All FITNESScereals are made with wholegrain wheat and enriched with vitamins and minerals essential for women's health like calcium, iron and folic acid. We also support and promote physical exercise, which is a fundamental component in leading a healthy lifestyle.

But we go further and we are committed to supporting breast cancer awareness in the long term as it is the leading cancer killer among women aged 20–59 years worldwide (source: World Health Organization). Early detection is a very powerful tool in the treatment of the disease as it increases the chances of success.