Almond Breeze Blue Diamond Growers

Jennifer Gabrielli

Campaign details

Brand: Blue Diamond Almond Breeze
Brand owner: Blue Diamond Growers
Country: United States
Industry: Milk & dairy drinks
Channels used: Content marketing, Events & experiential, Internet - display, Internet - search, Online video, Sales promotion, Social media, Word of mouth, advocacy
Media budget: 500k - 1 million

Executive Summary

Marketed to the United States and over 90 foreign countries, almonds are California's largest food export, the sixth largest U.S. food export and the #1 specialty crop in America. Headquartered in Sacramento, California, Blue Diamond Growers is the world's largest almond processing company. The goal was to make Almond Breeze - Blue Diamond Growers' almond milk - a trustworthy, relevant, and inspirational source for recipes and 'better for you' alternatives to everyday cooking. Fanscape's intent was to create awareness and inspire consumers to try the product in order to achieve this. They came up with a 3-part, recipe-focused content strategy with multi-channel activation, including utilizing their 300+ proprietary blogger and influencer database to produce authentic, timely content in a cost-effective way. Fanscape also utilized social promotions, paid media, brand advocates, blogger cooking workshops (a first for Blue Diamond Almond Breeze), and 700+ pieces of content to meet their client's objectives. This multi-faceted approach was immensely successful and outperformed all benchmarks, creating a sustainable approach utilized in 2016 planning. Over 500 Almond Breeze recipes and over 2,400 placements (up 313% from 2014!), encouraged trial and inspiring new usage. Reach was 156 million; impressions was 1 billion; advocates amounted to 383.9K.

Market Background and Objectives