Campaign details

Brand: Libero Peaudouce
Brand Owner: Sancella
Lead Agency: Mindshare Tunisia
Contributing Agencies: BOX
Country: Tunisia
Industries: Baby care
Media Channels: Newspapers, Online display, Online video, Outdoor, out-of-home, Radio, Television, Websites & microsites
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Libero Peaudouce, the co-leading nappy brand was aiming to create a strong tie between its products and customers in a competitive Tunisian market, with a campaign aimed at giving back to its main customers: mothers.

To create a bond of trust, Libero Peaudouce saw an opportunity to be seized in Mother's Day, where it could expose its buyers to its products' variety and quality while being viewed as a partner brand.

In a market where marketing communications have been booming for the last couple of years, the challenge was to communicate outside of the box, while at the same time remaining true to its core brand communication: "Magnifying little moments of magic for life".

Market background and cultural context