Campaign details

Brand: Bou Khalil Supermarket
Brand owner: Bou Khalil Supermarket
Lead agency: J. Walter Thompson Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Industries: Supermarkets & grocery stores
Media channels: Content marketing, Magazines - business, trade, Point-of-purchase, in-store, Public relations, Sales promotion, Social media
Budget: No budget

Executive summary

Women in Lebanon don't have equal rights or laws. Bou Khalil, being a supermarket – a place where most of Lebanon's society believes a woman belongs – wanted to change the status quo. And Bou Khalil was the perfect supermarket to do so because its own name carries a layer of gender inequality. Bou Khalil means 'father of Khalil'. So, we created our own counter-brand Em Khalil, meaning 'mother of Khalil', to tackle gender-associated issues. Em Khalil was launched on her own Instagram account on 21 June 2017. Then, on Women's Equality Day, 26 August 2017, we crossed from the digital world into the real world: we hijacked the signage of Bou Khalil Supermarket's flagship store and gave it to Em Khalil for the day. In addition, couples who came to shop together got a 10% discount, to encourage men to pull their weight equally in grocery shopping. Bloggers and media picked up on the story – both Em Khalil and Women's Equality Day were in the news for the first time in Lebanon. The signage stunt created so much traction that, soon after, Em Khalil was invited to write her own monthly column in Lebanon's most famous business magazine, Executive.

Market background and cultural context