Campaign details

Brand: SPAM
Brand owner: Hormel Foods International
Lead agency: BBDO Guerrero
Contributing agencies: OMD Philippines
Country: Philippines
Industries: Meat, poultry, fish
Media channels: Online video, Social media, Sponsorship - event, property, Television
Budget: 500k - 1 million

Executive summary

Filipinos have a strong affinity for SPAM® but it has become vulnerable to low-cost substitutes, especially as the brand faced operational threats – the most pressing of which was a drastic price increase, as a result of changing distribution partners.

To combat this, the big goal of the campaign was not to increase sales directly, but rather to fuel brand love and improve brand image attributes around value by showcasing its versatility through exciting new recipes.

But in the Philippines, recipe campaigns are a dime a dozen, with food brands pushing their own recipe content online, not to mention those from popular publishers like Tasty and Tastemade. SPAM® 's recipe videos needed to stand out to make a real impact so we aimed for maximum campaign engagement to help drive search for SPAM® recipes and influence purchase intent.